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CAmaron de la vega

Camaron has played guitar for more than 20 years gathering broad experience in all styles leading him to specialise in Flamenco and Gypsy Jazz. He has performed concerts all over the world and has recorded 2 albums of his own music.

In 2007 he lived in Spain and immersed himself in the Gypsy atmosphere there, performing concerts and jamming with friends in Sevilla, Cordoba and Jerez. He was also based in Barcelona where he performed concerts much acclaim. He studied guitar in the renowned Flamenco academy "Taller Flamenco" in Sevilla.

London, Edinburgh, Paris, Dublin and Bangkok are a few of the cities that had enjoyed of his guitar. Now, with Flamenco House - Brisbane, he delights us with his talent together with great artists of this musical style.

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antonio parejo

At the age of 15, his father built a very rudimentary cajon for him and started playing at home, following the music of renowned Flamenco artists.

His musical influences vary from a huge range of styles and artists inspired mainly by his brother but also friends and family.

From classical musica to rock, punk, heavy metal, latin, jazz and electronic, he never stop researching and looking the way to combine all this styles with his flamenco roots.

He took cajon lessons with Demi Garcia, a jazz-flamenco drummer and percussionist from Barcelona. At different trips into Spain, he stopped in Madrid to take cajon lessons from El Guille in "Amor de Dios" school and Odei Lizaso.

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diego perez

He started his studies in the Art Museum of Lima, in where he met the artistic director of the Flamenco and Spanish Dance company "Fuego Andaluz", Jasmin Pozzo, who became his first teacher and from whom he took the philosophy of inclusive dance pedagogy.

He was part of the cast "Fuego Andaluz" as a first dancer / assistant director in 2010.
He took his talents on tours in different cities and to stages of different luxury cruises.

He continued his studies in Spain at the schools "Amor de Dios" (Madrid) and "Carmen de las Cuevas" (Granada) where he had the honor of being a student of different stars of flamenco art such as Lupi, Maria Juncal, Rafel Estevez , Belén López, Pepa Molina, Alfonso Loza, Pastora Galván, Antonio Reyes ...

He founded Flamenco House Brisbane in 2019 with the mission of expanding and spreading Flamenco art in all its forms.