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FLAMENCO – Beginners level



Wednesday 17th of April/ 6-7PM



Perry Lane Studio

10 Perry Lane. Spring Hill


Here is some helpful information for the lessons: 


- What should I wear for the lessons?


For ladies: You will need any closed heels shoes (if you don't have any flamenco shoes) and a long loose skirts / For men: Comfortable pants and any kind of shoes (avoid sport wear or any kind of rubber sole). Even though this is NOT MANDATORY for the lessons, it would be very helpful when learning flamenco technique.


-When/Where are the lessons?


Wednesday from 6-7 at Perry Lane Studio (Spring Hill)


- What is the cost of the course?


This is an ongoing course. That means, after we finish a term, we start a new one right after, in order to achieve a progression in the dance level of the group. The price per term (10 classes) is $200. If you would prefer to take a trial class before, we can put your name on the list, however this does not guarantee a spot in the class as the only way to reserve a spot is by paying the term.


- How do the classes run?


We start with a full body warm up. After that, we take the first part of the class to develop the dance technique applied to flamenco: arms, footwork, turns, coordination drills, etc... In the second part of the class, we learn a choreography of the flamenco rhythm or "palo flamenco" we are studying in the term. By the end of the class, the students are allowed to record the steps learned in the class for them to review them and practice during the week.


- Can I try a higher level if I have some previous experience in Flamenco Dance?


Yes! You are more than welcome to try other levels if you have danced Flamenco before. If you have been training in some other dance styles, we strongly encourage you to start with the beginner’s level, as Flamenco dance has a different technique and concepts that are not explained again in higher level classes.


To book your spot in the class, please send us an email to , attaching the proof of payment to the following bank account


Bank Account Name:

Flamenco House Brisbane



Bank Account Number:





If you have any other doubts or you would like to have information about other dance levels, please don´t hesitate in getting in touch with us by social media, email or calling to 0451107429


Looking forward to seeing you in class!



What´s the best age to start dancing Flamenco?

Any time is a good time to start dancing. There is no age limit for flamenco. This type of dance helps you exercise not only the body, but also coordination, balance and memory, in a fun and familiar environment.

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